Table Lamp - Beep Beep

Table Lamp - Beep Beep (4827)

Brand : Funnababy
Discount Rate : %25 Discount
Price : ₺299,90(Vat included)
Discounted : ₺224,90(Vat included)
₺38,98 With install ments starting from
• Consist of decorative/embroidered white stand and lampshade. • Embroidered table lamps can be matched with our bedding sets. • Height of the lampshade is 40 cm. • Bottom width of the lamp is 29 cm. • Top width of the lamp is 10 cm. • With On-Off Button. • Cable Length is 15 mt. • Suitable for using as a bedside lamp. • Creates a calm environment during your baby's sleep. • Includes the electric wiring set. • Light bulb is not included in the package. • Bulb Type: E27 • Bulb Voltage: Max 60 Watts • Designed and produced in Turkey.
Beep Beep
Baby Boy
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